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A module containing the Context class.

class Context;
Class holding a valid drawing context.

If you need to make OpenGL calls without having an active window (like in a thread), you can use an instance of this class to get a valid context.

Having a valid context is necessary for every OpenGL call.

Note that a context is only active in its current thread, if you create a new thread it will have no valid context by default.

To use a Context instance, just construct it and let it live as long as you need a valid context. No explicit activation is needed, all it has to do is to exist. Its destructor will take care of deactivating and freeing all the attached resources.

Default constructor.

The constructor creates and activates the context

void setActive(bool active);
Activate or deactivate explicitely the context.

bool active True to activate, false to deactivate.

True on success, false on failure.