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A module containing the ContextSettings struct.

struct ContextSettings;
Structure defining the settings of the OpenGL context attached to a window.

ContextSettings allows to define several advanced settings of the OpenGL context attached to a window.

All these settings have no impact on the regular SFML rendering (graphics module) – except the anti-aliasing level, so you may need to use this structure only if you're using SFML as a windowing system for custom OpenGL rendering.

The depthBits and stencilBits members define the number of bits per pixel requested for the (respectively) depth and stencil buffers.

antialiasingLevel represents the requested number of multisampling levels for anti-aliasing.

majorVersion and minorVersion define the version of the OpenGL context that you want. Only versions greater or equal to 3.0 are relevant; versions lesser than 3.0 are all handled the same way (i.e. you (can use any version < 3.0 if you don't want an OpenGL 3 context).

Please note that these values are only a hint. No failure will be reported if one or more of these values are not supported by the system; instead, SFML will try to find the closest valid match. You can then retrieve the settings that the window actually used to create its context, with Window.getSettings().

uint depthBits;
Bits of the depth buffer.

uint stencilBits;
Bits of the stencil buffer.

uint antialiasingLevel;
Level of antialiasing.

uint majorVersion;
Level of antialiasing.

uint minorVersion;
Minor number of the context version to create.